Next Unroasted coffee: thermographic Stroll

The last unroasted coffee of year 2017 waits for you on December 6th.

Thermographic stroll: visualize the losses of energy of buildings to Ferney-Voltaire of your own eyes, thanks to a thermal camera!

This stroll is co-organized by Eco – Practice and the Network service Renovation of the CCPG (Association of local authorities of the Country of Gex), to evoke the helps and the possible solutions.
Meeting at 7 pm in front of the Cafe of the Sun, duration approximately one hour, followed by a coffee or an offered hot tea.

More information:

Community of municipality of the Country of Gex

We also take advantage of it to announce you the dates of next ones Festival of the Green Movie in 2018. He will take place from 7 till March 11th, 2018 to Ferney-Voltaire. While waiting for to find you to the festival why not find itself 6 December At 7:00 pm in front of the café of the sun for a fascinating program.

COP21 Paris – Thank you!

Dear members and sympathisers of the Eco-Practice Association,

In 2010, when we created the association, we said “we must take action ourselves” for the environment because the governments were doing nothing.

Yesterday, in Paris, the governments of virtually every country in the world finally signed up to an agreement that ends the denial phase of the battle against global warming.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your words, your support and most importantly your actions in favour of our planet during the last six years.

Without the pressure from you, and millions like you around the world, this political agreement would never have happened.

The denial phase is over, now everyone needs to get on with the actions to ensure that our planet doesn’t heat up by more than 1.5C.

With my best ecological greetings,

Paul Bristow

écologie quotidienne à Ferney-Voltaire et alentours