Special meeting about Transition Town Ferney-Voltaire

There is a new movement which has just arrived in France, called “Transition”. It was in the “review durable” in August, and on France Culture’s “Terre à Terre” show on the 6th November (I have a copy of the podcast), and the French translation of the “Transition Handbook” arrived in France on 7th October.

Briefly, Transition is a complete systems-based methodology for changing the mindset and actions of an entire town or region. It started in England in 2007, and now there are more than a thousand “Transition Towns” around the world. It uses the creativity of everyone in a decentralised way.

I propose a special meeting on the subject of Transition on Monday the 6th of December , starting at 20h00 until 22h00. It will be partly a presentation about Transition and it’s methodology, and partly “open space workshop” to discuss between us. The meeting will be at the Salle des Associations, in the swimming pool building, and not at the Café du Soleil.

This meeting is open to everyone, but will be more for those people already engaged in ecological actions.

For more information on the meeting, don’t hesitate to call me on 04 50 40 67 37.

For more information on Transition you can see http://transitionfrance.fr in French, http://transitionnetwork.org in English.

You can see the film of “transition 1.0” in English with French subtitles on our web site at http://eco-pratique.org/2010/10/25/terroires-en-transition/

See you soon!