Transition France

 Posted by on June 26, 2011 at 12:13
Jun 262011

The 5th of June, in Trieves, was the first physical meeting of French Transitioners.  We were somewhere between 60 & 70, from all over France.

I car-sharedwith Nicolas from the Tiocan and  Yves from Transition Ville-La-Grande  in Annemasse.   We were also there for saturday’s Great Unleashing of Trieves en Transition.

There is a report on the Transition Network blog which even mentions Transition Ferney-Voltaire!

And a very good summary in French here

During the meeting, they explained the site  wiserearth, where they have created a   social network for French Transitioners.

And now, on the site you can see the 36 transition towns in France, without mentioning (yet) the new towns which are being formed…

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