Green Café: eco-entrepeneurs

The next Green Café will be held this Monday, 26th of September at 19h45

It will not be at the Café du Soleil, after the noise the last few times. We will do other events in the Café du Soleil.

Therefore the format will be a little different. We will not be in a café but we will have tea and coffee. If you can bring a cup that will help.

Entry is free as usual, but we will have a hat as we have to pay for this room.

The Theme is eco-entrepeneurship. In the context of Transition and Economy, how will we work in the future and even today. What skill, what jobs can we do locally and ecologically?
Will we start with a 15 minute film by Majora Carter, then a brainstorming session with post-it notes, then discussion. If you have questions, experiences or ideas to share, they will be most welcome.

We hope to see you there.