Cross-Border Forum in Geneva

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our cross-border area
What development model do we want?

The current development of the urban area France-Vaud-Geneva is increasingly criticized, and that from several points of view, because it deepens inequality and sharpens social tensions. On both sides of the border, a two-tier society is developing, a pretext for xenophobic manipulations. The economy, too focused on finance and international markets, does not meet the needs of the region, does not offer jobs to local job seekers and could be dangerously brittle over time. Finally, this development model does not allow us to prepare our region to the fundamental challenge of the energy transition imposed by climate change, depletion of oil and the ending of nuclear power.

The official agglomeration project, despite the positive side, is not up to the challenges. This is why a broad coalition of environmental groups, social, population and labor offer this forum to make proposals converge to a different model. We must give ourselves the means to control fiscal and regulatory growth and shift economic activity towards meeting the needs of the population, affordable housing, energy conservation and renewable massive development of cross-border public transport (trams and trains), local agriculture and services. The treatment of social issues (unemployment, exclusion) is unworthy of our rich city.

The Forum, part of a long-term thinking, aims in particular to warn people of the town and to challenge our elected officials, who are invited to join this collective to participate in the development of proposals.

Maison des Associations  – access

13.30:  Welcome
14h:00 Debates on the future of the city
18.30:  Drinks and country buffet