Permaculture Workshop: design your garden – 19th February

Feel like re-doing your garden in a more ecological manner? Without pesticides, or fertiliser? Grow some food? Comme and see us to take part in garden design in a permaculture style: pretty and productive at the same time.

You don’t have a garden? No problem? We also have ideas for balconies, and even house plants.

And if you would like one, the Mairie is giving you a chance with their family gardens project.

We holding a permaculture workshop on Sunday the 19th of February from 14h00 – 1800 at the Salle du Preau, behind the line F bus stop “Ferney-Mairie”.

We’ll share our knowhow, our designs, and even our seeds, in a great atmosphere.

Bring your garden plans, or even just photos, your ideas for plants to grow, as well as sheets of paper, pencils and pens, and a cup for tisane or coffee.

Very Important! Indicate north on your plan!

Entry is free as usual, but we will have a hat for a collection as we have to pay for this room.

5 thoughts on “Permaculture Workshop: design your garden – 19th February”

  1. Hello,
    Hi, I finished my PDC last summer with Rose Mary Morrow, and am since working on my first Permaculture project in Mont Pélerin near Vevey.
    Besides, I have the possibility to create a space dedicated to sustainability at the Salon des Inventions in Geneva 18-22.4.2012, where i’ll be presenting Permaculture as an innovational tool box for a sustainable future…

    I am also interested in your workshop in Ferney-Voltaire on the 19th,
    can you please give me an idea of the fees, and other conditions.

    Christian Ruch

    1. Hi Christian,

      no fees, just a hat for a collection to cover the cost of renting the room. The aim is to have a convivial, working session, where we are actively planning projects and helping each other out.

      Hope you can make it.



  2. Bonjour,
    Nous avons beaucoup apprécié le temps passé parmi vous cet après-midi et somme repartis la tête pleine d’idées et d’inspiration pour nos projets perma. Serait-il possible de nous indiquer le link pour les outils présentés par Paul cet après-midi (compass des vents, tableau des associations de plantes, etc) svp ? Encore mille mercis pour ce moment de convivialité.

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