Apr 212013

The International School has, from this year, joined the “Eco-responsible School” program, initiated by the Rhône-Alpes region. In this context they conducted a number of awareness events with students but they also wanted to involve the parents.

To this end, in partnership with the association “Eco Pratique” (organiser of the Green Film Festival), a film by Marie-Monique Robin “Les Moissons du Futur” was screened in the conference room of the High School on February 19. This film investigates the methods of agro-ecology around the globe, giving voice to many stakeholders (farmers, international experts, scientists). It provides a hopeful outlook about the possible solutions to the food crisis.

This session was open to all parents and led by a group of students from the class 1ES2 who’ve watched the film and are working on an interdisciplinary project. The screening was followed by a lively student discussion. The Eco-Practique Association hopes to repeat this collaboration with the International School of Ferney.CIMG2170

Soirée FFV au Lycée

Soirée FFV au Lycée

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