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Survey “Transport in Geneva”

Tor told us about this survey:

Geneva is carrying out a survey about transport policy.  As we are inhabitants of Grand Geneve, we should give our opinion by the 30th of September 2014.

This questionnaire is intended for anyone interested in transport conditions in Geneva. Its objective is to assist in the creation of a mobility law specifying the constitutional principle of “free choice of mode of transportation”.

  • It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

This questionnaire is anonymous, but in order to avoid misuse, you will be requested to enter a valid email address. Comprehensive analysis of the data collected will be carried out and the confidentiality of each participant is ensured.

Café Vert: Living without a car – possible?

The next Café Vert will be held next Monday, the 24th October.  The theme will be “Living without a car in Ferney-Voltaire – possible?”

We will share our experiences of living without (or with less use of) a car, and I am looking forward to hearing your stories.

Everything starts at 19h45, at the salle du Preau, next to the Mairie in Ferney-Voltaire, behind the line F bus stop.

We will not be in a café but we will have tea and coffee.  If you can bring a cup that will help.

Entry is free as usual, but we will have a hat for a collection as we have to pay for this room.

Organic Market, Sunday 29th May

The Ferney-Voltaire in Transition team  will be at the Organic Market on Sunday the 29th May from 9am to 5 pm.
If you’d like to know why prices keep rising, why pollution keeps increasing; if you prefer quality over quantity, come and meet us to discover what we can do here in Ferney-Voltaire.

We’ll be showing :

  • Practical examples of comfortable, lower carbon lifestyles .
  • Information on using the recycleing containers with the help of  SIDEFAGE
  • The new association for cyclists and pedestrians

and we will hosting 3 film-debates at La Comedie

  • 10.30-12.30    The end of suburbia (77’) + debate ” Peak Oil and transport “
  • 14.30-17.00    The power of Community (53’) + debate ” Food – local and/or bio “
  • 17.00-19.00    In transition (50’) + debate ” How to change things in and around Ferney-Voltaire “

All three film-debates are free entry