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Imagine Ferney-Voltaire

We received this email after our workshop, and we asked permission to publish on our website. If you have ideas or a vision of Ferney-Voltaire in the future, please send it to us (Enable Javascript to see the email address)to join the debate.


I have lived in Ferney since 2002 with my three children. I unfortunately could not attend the workshop “Imagine Ferney until 2032” and I’d like to send you my thoughts on the matter.  Here is my vision for the future …

  • The city has become an “eco-town” par excellence. It is really well laid out for pedestrians and bicycles. It adopted a restrictive policy regarding cars (less parking, etc.) to discourage the installation of people who would treat as a dormitory town.  Public transport is preferred, as well as trips by bicycle and on foot.  There is good signage to protect pedestrians and bicycle travelers.
  • The city center has become a traffic-free zone.  Vehicles are now obliged to make a detour to travel between Gex (and others) and Geneva.
  • All the classic real estate programs (and especially the construction of individual houses) were stopped.  Projects are allowed only if truly “green” and high density, which take up little space horizontally (see what is done in Northern Europe). and preserve the maximum space for public projects like parks, gardens, etc..
  • Each new construction in the town centre now must be in harmony with the style of the historic center (of which there was not much, but by reducing the number of ugly buildings, parking lots, plazas Soviet concrete, etc.., we managed to highlight what was left).
  • The elementary school classrooms are now smaller, so with better conditions for students and teachers, as students whose parents do not pay taxes in Ferney are no longer allowed.
  • Recycling is practiced everywhere and by everyone. It is possible to deposit garden waste to make compost. In addition, everyone who wants to has the opportunity to cultivate a small vegetable garden …
  • The Abbé Boisson Park has been re-worked with solid and secure playgrounds of the type used in Paris, New York, etc.. Hazardous installations (including the “banana” and the air bridge which is very dangerous for young children) have been removed and there are several swings. (See eg. or
  • The buildings of the Aumard Centre and the shops opposite (Keep Cool, French Games, Pascale Institute, etc..) were replaced by modern commercial spaces that are prettier, take up less space (more compact, less wasted space with unnecessary and dangerous concrete stairs, etc..) and attract people to really want to go window shopping and maybe even buy something …
  • There are more craft businesses and fewer real estate agents and even one or two small agricultural enterprises, and we can be sure there will always be a few cows in Ferney!

Imagining Ferney-Voltaire towards 2032

In an imaginative workshop, the team of Transition Ferney-Voltaire take you on a journey to the future of Ferney-Voltaire.

We will build our plan for the future of our town, with lots of creativity and happiness.

It will affect all subjects, as transport, employment, health, education, food, solidarity, skills etc..

The results will be taken to the opn space workshop for Agenda 21 at Fort l”Ecluse on the 21st of June

Green Film Festival in Ferney-Voltaire from 10th to 14th March 2012

The loss of biodiversity is accelerating; malnutrition affects a billion people around the world as waste in the North peaks; the 2008 financial crisis that is dragging on and on, oil that is scarce and potential drilling for shale gas that directly threatens the Pays de Gex; nuclear dangers made ??more concrete by the accident of Fukushima …

With many signals of weakening ecosystems and of the ecological and economic challenges ahead we should be prompted to redirect our society towards a truly sustainable development.

To raise public awareness of these issues, the association Eco-Pratique is organizing on March 10 to 14 at Cinema Voltaire in Ferney-Voltaire, the very first French edition of the Suisse Romande Green Film Festival.

To this end, ten films will be presented across five themed evenings (biodiversity, finance, energy, food and waste, agriculture and transition); a “family film”; involved stakeholders, directors and regional actors will discuss with the public and answer questions.

More Information at : (trailers and schedule)

L’association Eco-Pratique

PS : Thank you for passing this message on to your friends.