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Agenda 21 by the associations in the Pays de Gex

On the 6th of October 2012, multiple associations made a citizens “Grand Forum”, on the subject of our ideas for the Agenda 21 program.

A video was produced, showing what we did during the day

and a document was written during the day, and presented to the CCPG.

The 7 projects will be followed by the “Colibris du Pays de Gex”. Project #5, the “Green Map”, will be led by Eco-Pratique and anyone else who wants to help.

What improvements do we wish to bring to the Pays de Gex

Agenda 21 of associations and citizens of the Pays de Gex

Saturday 6 October 2012 St Genis Pouilly

The objectives for this day :

  1. Find solutions together
  2. Make sure everyone can propose their projects
  3. Lead to concrete actions

Note: this session will be held in French, but we are friendly and will help if you need it

Salle Jean Monnet, St Genis Bus Y, stop « Jean Monnet »

13h30 Welcome
14h-15h Plenary session
15h-17h Workshops
17h30 Workshop results in plenary session
19h Canadian Buffet

(Enable Javascript to see the email address) 06 87 03 97 54