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We live in a decisive period, a period where change is accelerating, change that will deeply affect our lifestyles.

One major change, already widely publicized, is global warming.  Another change, less known but equally important is peak oil, that is to say the phenomenon of depletion of petroleum resources.

How does peak oil affect us? Our entire society is based on access to abundant and cheap  energy resources.   There is not much we consume that does not depend on oil.  For 150 years, oil, an excellent source of energy, has revolutionized the face of our society, thereby making us extremely dependent, some would say addicted.

According to the International Energy Agency, peak oil occurred in 2006. This means that in future we will extract less oil, with more and more difficulty, while the need for oil continues to grow, resulting in increasingly high prices. We are already seeing the effects when a crisis hits the Middle East.

A change in our lifestyle is inevitable and it is better to prepare rather than just submit to it. The goal of transition is precisely to prepare the energy descent and develop our energy resilience, that is to say, our ability to bounce back after a shock (in this case – peak oil).

An oil-poor future does not mean returning to the stone age. Oil has brought us some comforts but it also led to excesses, a hectic lifestyle, pollution …

The basic idea of ??transition is to develop, by stimulating the collective genius and creativity of a community, a positive vision of the future, a future oil-frugal but rich in meaning, a future where quality replaces quantity, a future more local, healthier, richer in close relationships …

The Transition model then focuses on the practical realization of this vision.

To avoid problems related to global warming and peak oil must:

1. Reduce our CO2 emissions by 80%

2. Reduce our dependence on oil

3. Improve our local resilience in everything that touches our everyday life, food, transport, energy, waste, economy, health etc..

And all in a convivial manner so we have fun doing it.

The initiative “Ferney-Voltaire in transition” has just been launched.

To learn more, contact us …..

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