Severn, the voices of our children VF (passages in English with subtitles)

French documentary film directed by Jean-Paul Jaud (director of “our children will accuse us”)

Severn Cullis-Suzuki speaks at the age of 12 at the UN conference in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992 to deliver a speech on the environment and sustainable development. In 2009, Severn is a young 29 year old woman about to give birth to her first child. The film offers a look into the discourse of Severn in 1992 with the vision as it relates to the world in 2009. The film highlights positive initiatives, conducted across the globe.

It will be shown at 18h15 on Saturday the 10th of March at the Cinema Voltaire.

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The Snake Man

French documentary film directed by Eric Flandin

The film features a hero whose mission is to save his country from destruction of its ancient forests with snakes for allies, advancing to the very depths of Colombia both forbidden and inaccessible.

This film has received numerous awards and mentions, including a special mention at the first camera prize, the “Rencontres Internationales du Documentary” in Montreal and an honorable mention at the International Award for Best Documentary, Cineambiente in Turin.

Into Eternity VOST

Finnish documentary film directed by Michael Madsen

Burying nuclear waste four hundred meters underground in a shelter that will confine it for 100,000 years. This is the subject of this documentary: the Finnish project Onkalo (the cache). Nothing that man has built has withstood even a tenth of that time, claims the director. The immense project, which has already been running for several decades will only be operational in 2020. The shelter will store Finland’s nuclear waste from the next 100 years before being sealed. The film questions the ability to keep this temple prohibited and sealed for a thousand centuries.

This film will be shown at 18h30 on Monday the 12th of March.

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Taste The Waste VOSTfr

From the fields to the consumer’s table, more than half of the food ends up in the trash. This documentary estimates that 90 million tonnes of food are wasted in Europe every year. This stark reality meets with unanimous disapproval but the reality is this is a system of which we are all a part. This wastefulness leads moreover to a worsening of the phenomenon of global warming, maintaining high prices at the expense of Southern populations. Grotesque in this context, this film highlight initiatives endeavor to mitigate the mess and find solutions for greater equity.

Taste the Waste – Trailer from on Vimeo.