The Healing Power of Foods, part 2

24 to 25 June 2011 with Adelbert Nelissen

Increase your vitality and immunity by understanding the influence of nutritionon the origin, prevention and cure of degenerative diseases and chronic conditions. Various situations will be discussed by the participants’ interest,such as:

• the macrobiotic diet for physical health, spiritual and emotional

• the natural approach to increase vitality and immunity

• Diabetes and Hypoglycemia • the natural weight and eating disorders •hypertension • cholesterol • coronary heart disease and stress and lack of energy • allergies, candida and digestive disorders • hormonal balance, menopause and osteoporosis • rheumatic diseases, arthritis, osteoarthritis •Cancer , Tumors and cysts • varicose veins, cellulite and skin diseases •Depression, fear and other emotional disorders

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