Open meeting on Transition, 24th June


we will have an open forum meeting on Transition Ferney-Voltaire, Friday evening, the 24th of June, at the Salle des Associations at the swimming pool.

We’ll start at  19h30 with an explanation of Transition Ferney-Voltaire, more for people who have not seen the presentations from the last meetings.

From  20h00 we’ll do an open forum, on subjects you want to discuss, starting with a progress report on what has happened since last time.

We’ve had a proposal from the “SEL du Pays du Gex” to work on a local currency.  A group has started looking at what we can do in the field of energy.  On top of this, the agenda 21 programme is starting.

On thing we’d like that you bring to the meeting: the addresses of producers, shops, associations, and any other ecological things that happen in the Pays de Gex.  We’re trying to find things we don’t yet know.

Until Friday night!

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