Green Café: resilience, both personal and for our town

The next Café Vert will be held next Monday, the 26th March.  We will do more of an “open forum” style meeting which covers more topics at the same time, so if you have questions, ideas or something you’d like to discuss, this is for you!  Some of the topics planned for this month include resilience, Shale Gas in the Pays de Gex, the Green Film Festival, Transition 2012 and probably more.

Everything starts at 19h45, at the salle du Preau, next to the Mairie in Ferney-Voltaire, behind the line F bus stop.

We will not be in a café but we will have tea and coffee.  If you can bring a cup that will help.

Entry is free as usual, but we will have a hat for a collection as we have to pay for this room.

On resilience:

Resilience is the ability of a material to recover from a shock, insult, or disturbance.

It has more specialized meanings referring to organizations, soil, ecology, energy and more.