Word from the President

For another year, the Swiss-based Festival du Film Vert is being brought to Ferney-Voltaire by the Eco-Pratique association.  We try to find solutions for daily life that are ecological, economic and, of course, practical. We are just a group of ordinary people who live in and around Ferney-Voltaire.  We’re working to change – not the whole world – but just our little corner of it.
For this year’s festival we have more French films than last year – we had a lot of new films to choose from!  Once again we’ve lined up some great speakers and will link the ideas in the films to concrete actions we can take here.
The Pays de Gex is a great place to live with amazing people.  By working together we can make sure that our future is happier, saner and ecologically sound.  The alternative to sustainable solutions is non-sustainable ones – that won’t – and can’t – last.  The solutions are out there – we “just” need to implement them.  That takes time and effort.  Just as reading a diet book won’t make you thin, watching a film won’t change the world.  Here in Ferney-Voltaire we have the movement “Transition Ferney-Voltaire” made up of local associations with concrete projects and around 100 families took up organic gardening last year with the new “jardins familiaux” project.  If you don’t live near Ferney, look out for the actions of “Colibris de Pays de Gex” and the Agenda 21 projects from the CCPG.  There’s a lot to do and we need your help.
with ecological regards,
Paul Bristow
President of Eco-Pratique