The Eco-Pratique Association

People often tell you what you should do for the environment, without telling you what your life will be like when you do it.

At Eco-Pratique, we share our own green experiences from our daily lives.

Join us at our Green Café, each month, to find out what works and what doesn?t, as well as how much money you can save by adopting a daily routine which respects the environment more.

We are an association in Ferney-Voltaire which brings together people who would like to lead a greener life and have have already changed some of their habits, as well as those who would like to make a start.

The Green Cafés are open to all, convinced or not. Your ideas are always welcome.

Share your green experiences.

If you want to

• reduce your impact on the environment

• save money

• maintain a comfortable standard of living

• find ways of reducing your CO2 emissions

join Eco-Pratique

Eco-Pratique is a French association, under the 1901 law, based in Ferney-Voltaire.

The aims of the association are:

  • sharing amongst individuals their ecological experiences in their daily lives,
  • exchange and communication of practical information linked to the environment in a convivial and informal manner (e.g. “Green Café” type meetings),
  • promotion of collective actions to ecourage everyone to adopt a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the environment,
  • doing surveys on ecological themes and increasing public awareness,
  • all this in a pacifist and non-militant spirit, without promoting any specific product or company and without commercial or political links.

Any information provided by the Eco-Pratique association is only indicative and has no contractual value.

You can read our statutes here in French

To join us, there is a subscription form here.

To join our mailing list, just send us (Enable Javascript to see the email address) an email or subscribe directly at

SIREN number  752 931 436

2 thoughts on “The Eco-Pratique Association”

  1. Bonjour,
    Je suis intéressée à recevoir des informations sur vos activités pour pouvoir éventuellement y participer. Les questions écologiques m’intéressent beaucoup.
    J’ai fait la demande pour avoir la possibilité de cultiver un jardin potager dans le cadre de l’initiative lancée par la commune de Ferney-Voltaire.
    J’aimerais avoir des informations en ce qui concerne les composteurs que l’on peut installer sur les balcons des immeubles.
    Merci d’avance et à bientot

    1. Bonjour Alexandra,
      Nous pouvons inscrire votre email sur notre liste pour les infos.
      Au sujet d’un lobricomposteur pour le balcon, nous essayons de faire un groupement d’achat pour en acheter avec une réduction. Je vous enverrai les infos.
      Venez voir notre festival du film vert au Cinéma Voltaire du 10.14 mars. Le 14 mars nous aurons un film sur Transition “Cultures en Transition” et une discussion après pour voir quels projets on peut faire.
      A bientôt, Maria

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